How We Help

Integrative Psychiatry

Comprehensive assessment and treatment with use of holistic principals, taking into account various aspects of wellness including biological and psychological components of health, habit, lifestyle, mind, body and spirituality.  

Various treatment modalities are utilized to optimize wellness, prevent illness as well as to treat existing conditions.   

Treatment should be integrative using all aspects of medicine and holistic care.  It should be informed and purposeful, guided by an individuals’ unique values and goals in partnership with their health care specialist.


Both adults and children with ADHD have often continued to struggle despite involvement with behavioral health, often having challenges with medication only recommendations.

We help children, adolescents and adults struggling with ADHD improve their focus and fulfill their potential at work and/or school, using a holistic approach that can include plant based medicine and supplementation, nutrition, psychotherapy, medication management, advanced testing, cognitive enhancement and more.


We help healthcare workers and other professionals struggling with anxiety, depression and issues that are impacting their performance.  The goal is to optimize functioning as well as enhance wellbeing, improving outcomes, productivity, engagement and feelings of fulfilment.  Using multiple assessment strategies as well as treatment modalities that are comprehensive and holistic, you can be on a path to feeling better.

Behavioral Health Assessments

Use of digital technology to detect needs for support and grade the severity of difficulty

In depth, personalized reports

Academic Abilities

Cognitive Abilities




Oral Comprehension







Cognitive Enhancement

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Interpersonal Therapy 

Parent Management Training

Meditation Instruction

Guided Imagery Instruction

Lifestyle Guidance

Personalized cognitive programs

Dynamic training exercises to enhance brain plasticity and things like memory, concentration, coordination, planning and reasoning

Over 22 cognitive domains are able to be tracked and monitored (reading, attention, concentration, coordination, driving cognition, memory, standardized exam preparation)



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Nutritional assessments with pharmaceutical grade prescription supplements from fullscript.

Physical Activity

Monitoring, suggestions and recommendations

Laboratory Diagnostics

Great Lakes Medical Laboratory Inc | Full Service Medical Reference Laboratory

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Tests identifying environmental toxins, heavy metals, neurotransmitter metabolites and vitamin markers, organic acids test, food sensitivity testing and adrenal testing.


Genetic Testing

Psychotropic Testing to guide medication selection and dosing


Sleep Hygiene

Sleep assessments with recommendations and supplementation for improvement of sleep

Educational/School Support

Recommendations and guidance for IEP and 504 development and revision