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Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative Psychiatry
Do you wake up and wish you felt better?

Using a holistic approach with comprehensive assessments and advanced diagnostics, we focus on complete wellness.  Not only symptom reduction but also optimization of functioning in all aspects of your life, helping children and adults feel better and stay healthy.  

We treat children and adults who have ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric conditions.  We also focus on struggling professionals, including healthcare workers, improving performance and productivity.  Wellness and preventative care services are offered as well.

By combining conventional medicine with holistic principals, we can treat the whole person.  We work with you to identify core issues leading to illness, targeting them to reduce symptoms.  We examine all areas of wellness, focusing on how to enhance and optimize functioning, while providing choice and remaining patient-centered throughout the process. 

Our goal is to help children and adults fulfill their potential.  Improving health and all aspects of wellbeing.  Our mind and body are connected, and our lifestyles impact them both.  We strive to rebalance mind body and soul preventing illness and treating existing conditions.

Personalized comprehensive assessments are at the core of our care.  We gather information by reviewing scales and questionnaires, talking to treatment teams, having you complete cognitive and academic testing as well as other specialized diagnostic tests as necessary.  Most importantly we listen to you, spending time understanding your needs.

Cognitive and academic testing with cognitive enhancement protocol recommendations.

Genetic testing for psychotropic medications.

Laboratory diagnostics tests identifying environmental toxins, heavy metals, neurotransmitter metabolites and vitamin markers, organic acids test, food sensitivity testing and adrenal testing.

Sleep assessments with recommendations.

Decisions involving your health and wellness should come with choice
Sustainable life changes occur with decision making that is informed and purposeful, guided by an individuals’ unique values and goals. Dr. Larson would like to partner with you on your path of wellness, offering holistic care.

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